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Protect-All Rapid Weld™

Protect-All Rapid Weld is a new installation system for Protect-All® flooring products. A faster and easier installation alternative to heat welding, Protect-All Rapid Weld utilizes a chemical welding process that significantly reduces the amount of required labor. This process reduces installation time and downtime for customers.

This innovative approach to installation delivers a high-quality, waterproof flooring solution designed to support a range of rigorous tasks.

Available in dark gray, light gray, black, brown, terra cotta and blue.

Protect-All Rapid Weld delivers fewer flooring seams

Protect-All Rapid Weld helps to reduce flooring seams by at least 80 percent compared to traditional 6-inch-square ceramic tiles.

The diagram below shows a typical 1,500-square-foot commercial kitchen, pieced together from 6-inch-square ceramic tiles. More than 6,400 linear feet (1.25 miles) of grouting is required. By comparison, only 750 linear feet of welding is required with the Protect-All flooring system, which helps to eliminate over 80 percent of the seams.

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