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Frequently Asked Questions

Protect-All® flooring is a slip-resistant vinyl flooring manufactured by Oscoda Plastics®, Inc. using over 90% pre-consumer recycled content. It provides slip, stain and fire protection for areas exposed to water, heavy traffic patterns and extreme weight loads.

Protect-All® flooring is sold throughout North America and Canada through top wholesale distributors. Contact our sales team today and we will direct you to the appropriate distributor.

Yes, Protect-All® flooring is available in regions outside of the United States through select wholesale distributors. Contact our sales team today for more information on a distributor in your area.

Protect-All® flooring products are available in both 1/8” and 1/4” thickness.

Manufactured from over 90% recycled post-industrial vinyl, Protect-All® will not decompose, swell or break down when exposed to water.

Protect-All® has been certified by the National Floor Safety Institute with a coefficient of friction result of .90 when wet, exceeding ADA and OSHA standards.

Most Protect-All® flooring installations require factory-trained installers. However, the 18-by-18-inch interlocking tiles and Protect-All Floor Saver® can be installed easily without prior experience or training.

Factory training is available through Protect-All® flooring for commercial contractors who have at least 4 years of sheet vinyl and heat-welding experience. Click here for additional information.

Protect-All® Matte flooring is UV stable and can be used outdoors. However, there are unique installation practices with outdoor applications and our sales team should be consulted to ensure products will perform as desired.

Protect-All® Interlocking Tiles and Protect-All Floor Saver® can be loose-laid over certain existing finishes. When installing Protect-All as a permanent flooring solution, the existing finished flooring must meet our standard requirements for a substrate, which typically eliminates the option of installing over an existing finish. Contact our technical support team for substrate requirements.

Protect-All® flooring should be cleaned with a deck brush and an approved cleaning solution; however, matte and gloss finishes require two different cleaning methods. Please consult the Installation Manual for specific details.

Protect-All Rapid Weld™ begins to harden within 5 to 8 minutes of application - once it has fully cured it is not able to be skived off. If there is an area that needs to be redone, reset your groover to remove the top of the weld, re-tape the area and re-apply the Protect-All Rapid Weld at a lower speed to the taped area.

Protect-All Rapid Weld™ has a 1 year shelf life from the date of production. Refer to the first three digits on the stamped number at the bottom of the tube for production year, and the last three digits for the day. Ex: 216048 216=2016 and 048= 48th day of the year, February 17th.

At any time during the installation process where the Protect-All Rapid Weld™ is allowed to sit in the mixing nozzle for more than 5 minutes, a new nozzle must be installed. If any doubt, replace nozzle.

Cold temperature causes Protect-All Rapid Weld™ to develop a chunky consistency, however, that can be rectified by submerging the product container in warm water for 20 minutes. Once the solution returns to its smooth, creamy consistency it is ready to dispense. Always store your Protect-All Rapid Weld in a dry place with a temperature between 55-75° Fahrenheit.