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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PROTECT-ALL Commercial Flooring? --Back to top--

PROTECT-ALL Commercial Flooring was created in 1989 in Oscoda, Michigan. PROTECT-ALL is a resilient flooring manufactured from 100% recycled vinyl.

Where can I purchase PROTECT-ALL? --Back to top--

PROTECT-ALL Commercial Flooring is sold nationally through the top wholesale distributors in the country. Contact us and we will direct you to the appropriate distributor.

Is PROTECT-ALL available outside the United States? --Back to top--

Yes. PROTECT-ALL is available throughout North and South America through distributors. Product has shipped and been installed as far away as Kuwait. If you have questions about other continents, please contact us.

In what thickness is PROTECT-ALL available? --Back to top--

1/8" and 1/4".

Is PROTECT-ALL waterproof? --Back to top--

Yes, because it is permanently nonabsorbent.

Is PROTECT-ALL slip-resistant? --Back to top--

PROTECT-ALL has been tested by the National Flooring Safety Institute with a coefficient of friction result of .90 wet. ASTM D-2407 is .88 dry. These results exceed ADA and OSHA standards.

Can I install PROTECT-ALL flooring myself? --Back to top--

Most installations require factory trained installers, but the 18" Interlocking tiles and gym floor covers can be installed by a novice. Most other applications will need a professional installation.

How do I become a factory trained installer for PROTECT-ALL? --Back to top--

We offer factory training to commercial sheet vinyl contractors who have at least 4 years of sheet vinyl and heat-welding experience. Click here for additional information.

Can PROTECT-ALL be installed outdoors? --Back to top--

PROTECT-ALL matte flooring is UV stable and can be used outdoors. There are unique installation practices with outdoor applications and the manufacturer should be consulted.

Can PROTECT-ALL be installed over existing floor finishes? --Back to top--

When PROTECT-ALL is loose-laid, it can be installed over certain finishes. These are limited in scope and the manufacturer should be contacted. When glued-down, it must meet our standard requirements for a substrate, which typically eliminates the option of installing over an existing finish.

How do I clean PROTECT-ALL Flooring? --Back to top--

PROTECT-ALL matte and PROTECT-ALL gloss require two different cleaning methods. Please consult our technical manual and on-line guidelines.

Once Rapid Weld has cured is there a way to skive it off? --Back to top--

Once Rapid Weld has fully cured, it is not able to be skived off. If there is an area to be redone, reset your groover to just take the top of the weld off, re-tape the area and reapply the Rapid Weld at a lower speed to the taped area.

How do I know if my Rapid Weld is still good? --Back to top--

You have a 1 year shelf life from the manufacturer’s date of production. At the bottom of the small tube is a stamped number. The first three digits indicate the year and the last three show the day of the year it was produced. Ex: 216048 216=2016 and 048=February 17th.

How long before I have to change nozzles on Rapid Weld? --Back to top--

Rapid Weld begins curing within the first 5 minutes of mixing. If you are applying Rapid Weld in warm and muggy conditions, it may be down to 3 minutes. If you are not sure how long it has been since you dispensed the Rapid Weld, then change the nozzle.

When I dispensed the Rapid Weld, the white part looks chunky. Is that a problem? --Back to top--

That is caused by the Rapid Weld getting cold somewhere in the process of delivering it to you. That can easily be rectified by submerging the Rapid Weld tubes in warm water for 20 minutes. The white section will return to its smooth, creamy look and be ready to dispense. Always store your Rapid Weld with the insert in the holes and in a dry place with a temperature between 41-77° Fahrenheit.