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Unbeatable Advantages

  • Durable flooring for the toughest environments.

    Protect-All stands up to a variety of weight loads and temperatures, from steamy to subzero. Its resilient construction also resists impacts and punctures commonly associated with heavy use.

  • High-performance, low-maintenance.

    A tough, durable Protect-All floor is easy to maintain. It's easily cleaned with a bucket and brush, squeegee and cleansing product. Its unique formulation stands up to the most commonly used disinfectant products.

  • Protecting substrates from harmful intruders.

    A non-porous construction and fewer seams makes Protect-All non-absorbent to a variety of sustances, including grease, animal fats, chemicals, mildew and bacteria, stains, odors and fluids.

  • Soft underfoot for floors that work hard.

    Protect-All is an ideal choice for high-impact applications. It provides comfort underfoot and reduces leg fatigue.

  • Keeping you safe every step of the way.

    High-traction certified by the National Floor Safety Institute, Protect-All provides a worry-free flooring solution that will not get in the way of work or play. When maintained properly, it reduces slips and falls. Its 1/4-inch thickness also absorbs sound and reduces noise levels.